I want.

I want you here,
sitting next to me and laugh together
I want you make everything it’s okay
I want you keep me,
make me safe
I want your smile just for and from me
I want you don’t lie
I want you make some of your time is just for me
I want you say good morning
accompany me wake up and hug me,
and I will prepare a breakfast and a coffee for you.
I want you say good night,
kiss me and sleep together, under my blanket.
I want you keep your heart for me
I want you remember me,
in every your step
I want you don’t break my heart
I want you make me smile everyday,
and everywhere and forever
I want you guide me,
for a new life where we can live happily ever and after
I want you to teach me,
how to make a big smile in bad situation
I want you send me a message,
where are you? What do you do? Are you okay?
I want you fight for me,
fight for all that I fear
it’s just my wish,
I can’t realize all of them
Maybe you think it’s too selfish
But, I want you to know
I don’t want you stop loving me and forget me in the next day.
I love you,
maybe forever. 

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